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3 Easy Steps to Get Started

During this call, we will discuss your current concerns and health goals. I will answer any questions you have regarding the approach I take and the process of working together. This conversation allows us to determine whether we are a good fit in moving forward and scheduling the initial consultation.

Your initial visit will be about 75 minutes and consists of a comprehensive evaluation that includes a physical exam and blood work as well as discussing how the following may be affecting your health:

After we have identified which areas of your health are out of balance, we will get you started on a wellness plan with personalized lifestyle, nutrition, and supplement recommendations.

Some common symptoms that women experience:

Results after receiving care:

Do Any of These Women Sound Like You?

It’s frustrating not getting to the bottom of your hormonal concerns.

Having a personalized wellness plan can help you do just that.

25 years old


Jeanette, 25 year old female, presents with ADHD and a depressed mood. She has been taking Ritalin since she was diagnosed at age 9 and lately her ability to focus has gotten worse. Her work is suffering and she has begun to experience symptoms of depression. She has turned to recreational drugs for support. Her family has become worried about her as Jeanette was always a happy child.
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33 years old


Stacy, 33 year old female, has been battling anxiety her whole life. She has taken multiple anxiety medications over the years, some of which have been effective. She has also managed digestive concerns that have waxed and waned over the years, which also perpetuate her anxiety. She does not want to take the medications for the rest of her life and wants another solution.

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45 years old

& Weight Gain

Jesse is a 45 year old female who has taken thyroid medication since being given the diagnosed 23 years ago. She is still experiencing weight gain, fatigue, constipation, and hair loss. She has tried different diets in the past and wants to learn if there are any nutritional deficiencies in her body contributing to her symptoms.

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62 years old

Hot Flashes

Linda is a 62 year old female who has been experiencing hot flashes for the last two years. Her hot flashes wake her up at night and are bothersome during the day. She attempted a natural supplement her friend recommended but she didn’t notice much of a difference in her concerns. She also has noticed extra weight gain and fatigue, despite eating well and working out. Linda wants to know what other options she has to get rid of her hot flashes and lose weight safely.

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Tools & Therapies used:

I am trained in functional blood chemistry analysis, so I will look at your labs from an optimal point of view and help you to address your health concerns as well as prevent further health concerns from occurring. Functional lab tests may be ordered, if appropriate, that will give us further insight for the root causes of your health concerns. Some of these tests include:

  • Food Intolerance Testing
  • Food Sensitivity Testing (IgG)
  • Micronutrient testing
  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis
  • Comprehensive hormone testing
  • Environmental toxicity panels
    (including Hair Mineral Analysis, Organic Acid Testing, Heavy Metal Testing, Non-Metal Testing)

Even the best natural therapies won’t work very effectively if unhealthy lifestyle choices are being made. It can be as simple as sleeping an additional hour or drinking more water to make the difference in your health status. Since each individual’s lifestyle demands are different, a treatment protocol will be created to best serve you and address your unique lifestyle factors.

Proper nutrition is a fundamental aspect of re-establishing your health and providing healing to your cells. An individualized diet plan and targeted, professional-grade supplements will be prescribed to restore and optimize your health.

A system of medicine to assist the body in detoxification and purification from toxic accumulations and encourage homeostasis in the body. The remedies selected also help to optimize organ system function and restore health at the cellular level.

Balance your hormones naturally and using bioidentical hormone therapy to feel at your best. We will take a comprehensive look at your hormones and determine which method is best to begin for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although I do not contract directly with insurance companies, I am happy to provide you with an invoice to submit to your insurance. A variety of insurance companies and healthshare companies are providing reimbursement for wellness programs and supplements. I do accept Health Savings Plans (HSA cards) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA plans).

I am trained and licensed to prescribe a variety of prescription medications, however, they are usually selected only if appropriate for the individual’s case. I have found that the alternative approaches I prescribe are very effective and provide your body what it needs to restore and repair itself. This does not mean that you should come off of your medications or that I would take you off of your medications. I will work with your other health care practitioners if you are on prescription medications to find the best solutions for you.

From a clinical standpoint, you can expect to learn a lot about your body and health in general, as I enjoying teaching my patients in a way that makes sense to them. I actively engage in up-to-date and evidence-based educational materials to bring the most effective strategies to my practice.

From a relational standpoint, you can expect to be heard and seen. I spend a significant amount of time with my patients to truly understand their source of dis-ease and discern the best route to proceed forward with. You can expect compassion and dedication, and ultimately, a partner in your journey towards wholeness. I truly believe in the healing process and will always stand for your greatest outcomes, despite what you’ve been told in the past about your health condition.

This is one of the most common questions I receive! There are various factors to take into consideration that generally contribute to the rate of healing, such as your specific health condition, your age, the number of medications you are currently on, and your level of participation in the process. It is important that you implement the lifestyle recommendations and maintain them to see optimal results. Using natural medicines may sometimes take longer to see results, however, I assure my patients that following sound natural laws will always move them in the right direction. Most of my patients feel better within the first month of treatment and continue improving thereafter.

With the increased usage of telemedicine, you can receive excellent naturopathic medicine services from the comfort of your home. Telemedicine consults are effective for conducting follow up visits, refilling medications and supplements, and ordering lab work or imaging. Both phone and video consultation are available to you so that you can stay proactive in your healthcare regimen in a convenient way!

*At this time, telemedicine consultations are only available for patients that have established care in Arizona.