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Category: Gut Health

5 Tips for a Successful Liver Cleanse

  Your liver is a wonderful organ that conducts over 500 functions in your body! These functions include detoxification, production of bile, metabolism and storage of nutrients, and the creation of proteins. That’s a lot of

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Parasite Cleanse Diet

Parasite Cleanse Diet Did you know that parasitic infections are more common than you would think? It doesn’t just take drinking contaminated water in a foreign country to pick one up! You might think that

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Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI)

Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI)     Your pancreas is a neat organ in that it has a dual function. It functions to regulate your blood sugar, via insulin and glucagon production, as well as aids

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Diverticulosis Diet + Lifestyle Hacks

Diverticulosis Diet + Lifestyle Hacks   Diverticulosis is a disorder where small pouches, called diverticula, develop in the wall of your large intestine. Most diverticulosis cases are seen in individuals over the age of 40

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H. Pylori, friend or foe?

H. Pylori, friend or foe? H. Pylori is a normal bacteria found in our stomach. However, when the immune system becomes weakened, it can burrow itself in our stomach lining and create a variety of

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Are your symptoms due to Candida overgrowth?

Are your symptoms due to Candida overgrowth?   Candida albicans is a normal yeast found in our gut. However, it becomes problematic when it overgrows due to a variety of lifestyle factors and toxins from our environment.

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Lifestyle Habits for a Healthy Gut

Lifestyle Habits for a Healthy Gut Sleep Quality   Receiving adequate and undisturbed sleep (7+ hours of sleep) each night is crucial for a healthy gut. Poor sleep quality causes a reduction in the amount and variety of

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Choosing the Right Probiotic

Choosing the Right Probiotic I am in favor of receiving probiotics and prebiotics via the foods we eat. Fiber is our gut bacteria’s food source and a diet high in fiber is needed to maintain

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